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Edible Wrappers

Here is an easy and foolproof way to make an edible wrapper that is 100% biodegradable (if not eaten). These wrappers make excellent candy wrappers, spice packets, or dissolvable noodle, rice, and/or bean packets to add to soup.

Recipe modified from whats4chow.com.

Prep Time:  10 minutes

Cook Time:  5 minutes

Yield:  15; 9-inch rounds



Edible Wrapper:

  • 400 milliliter cold water
  • 10 grams powdered gelatin
  • 3.3 grams (2 ½ milliliter) food-grade glycerin
  • 15; 9-inch plastic plate or flat lids


  • Substitute cold water for stock or broth
  • Add furikake/rice seasoning, powdered spices, vegetable powders, and/or seaweed


Pour cold water or stock into a small saucepan. Sprinkle the gelatin over the surface of the water. Then, slowly whisk in the glycerin.

Turn the stove to low heat and continue to whisk until the gelatin is totally dissolved. When the liquid is clear and you can see the bottom of the pot, remove from heat.

Arrange your flat plates, lids, or molds on a work surface. Spoon the mixture into each mold until there is a thin layer coats the surface. Tilt and swirl to evenly coat.

The liquid needs to stand and dry in a cool dry area until the edges of the film start to lift. This can take anything from 10 hours to 24 hours depending on the heat and humidity. *Do not wrap in plastic or it will not dry.

Use a thin skewer under the edge of the thin film and run around the edge to lift it from the mold.

Lay the thin wrapper on a clean dry work surface and place the candy, ramen, or filling in the center and fold, crimp, or twist ends pressing to close the wrapper around the filling.

Link to Wrapped Ramen:  HERE