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Pumpkin Pie à la Mode Martini

Need a little pumpkin flavor to elevate your Fall celebrations? Imagine sipping on the cocktail equivalent of the best pumpkin pie and vanilla ice cream you have ever had. That’s exactly what this delightful Pumpkin Pie à la Mode Martini from Chef Emily Ellyn will be. Enjoy!

Serves: 1

Glassware: 1 (5 1/2-ounce) martini




  • 2 ounces vanilla vodka
  • 1 ounce Pumpkin Pie Syrup
  • ½ ounce crème de cocoa
  • ½ ounce cinnamon schnapps
  • 1 ounce cream


  • 1 ounce whipped cream
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Pumpkin pie spice


Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes. Add vanilla vodka, pumpkin pie syrup, crème de cocoa, cinnamon schnapps, and cream. Shake vigorously until frothy and cold.

Strain and pour the cold drink into a decorative glass and serve.

Cheers to enjoying pumpkin pie shaken not stirred!

Garnish with a cinnamon stick, whipped cream, and dust with ground cinnamon.

Rad Remix: Serve with a crushed gingersnap cookie rim.