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Hitting the road for Labor Day weekend?

It takes a village of passionate parents, parenting publications, teachers, bloggers, storytellers, and childrearing experts to raise up a community of educated and entertained children!

After reading Katie Frawley’s Katie’s Corner: Rad Reads For the Kiddos in All About The Mom, an online parenting magazine, I could not help but add my rad podcast picks to the mix!

During your next commute or time vortex between activities or when you need to pop in a pair of headphones or plug in your favorite smart home device, fill up your space with these family-friendly podcasts. In addition to being extremely enjoyable and interesting, they provide incredible opportunities to diversify your children’s entertainment and supplement their education.

Turn off the screens and turn up the volume!

Julie’s Library:

Hosted and produced by Julie Andrews and her daughter, children’s author and educator Emma Walton Hamilton, this podcast invites you into their library to read their favorite children’s books. Stories come to life with authors reading the books, weaving sounds, music, and activities into the conversation! This listen is sure to inspire lively conversations and spark a lifelong love of reading. Produced by American Public Media.

Moment of Um:

Moment of Um is a podcast that touts “Bite-sized answers to big questions!” and it does! Kids and parents alike are entertained and educated with 5-minute weekday segments answering listener-prompted questions! Producer Anna Weggel and a team of contributors from the “Brains On! and Smash Boom” podcast come together to answer head-scratchers from all areas of interest.

Million Bazillion:

Marketplace launched its first podcast about money in collaboration with the popular children’s podcast “Brains On!” Million Bazillion helps “dollars make more sense” and gives kiddos insight into fiscal responsibility in bite-sized segments. Hosted by “Marketplace” reporter Jed Kim and overseen by producer Bridget Bodnar, the team answers the invaluable questions that kids have about money and helps make sense of it all!


KidNuz, A Newscast All Their Own, reports the top stories and current events of the day, all nonpartisan and, most importantly, age appropriate.  KidNuz is the brainchild of four veteran broadcast journalists, Tori Campbell, Kimberly Hunter, Stephanie Kelmar, and Ro Thomas Schwarz. These founders believe that ‘kids deserve a newscast all their own; one that delivers current events in a kid-friendly package, sparks curiosity, and gets them asking critical questions.’  KidNuz engages children and focuses their minds on issues that are relevant to them.

The Genius Generation:

The Genius Generation is an INSPIRING podcast for kids about kids that are doing incredible things in STEM! In this podcast, Doctor Stephanie Castillo, PhD, a science communicator who is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of scientists through representation, interviews innovative kids, tweens, and teens who run their own businesses, have made a new discovery, or have invented something new using science.