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Gardening On The Farm

Three generations of women in my family live on an 80-acre farm in northeastern Ohio.  Here, my sister Molly Wolfe and her husband raise their two sons Colton Lane and Luke Browning, in addition to horses, mules, pigs, hundreds of chickens, and lush gardens.  My mom, Carol Hummel, who is a world famous artist comes back home to work on the farm when she is not traveling around the world to produce art.  And, my grandmother, a crazy women who taught me the love of food, adds character to the farm by insisting she is head matriarch.

These three are my partners in crime that have taught me everything I know and are there to learn, create and make mistakes along the way!

Check back soon to see what’s currently growing on our farm, in addition to tips for planting and harvesting your own garden of goodness!