With her unique flair and charismatic charm,

Emily Ellyn will bring the fun, style,

and culinary chops to your big event!



Available for unforgettable:

Live Cooking Demos

Television Appearances

One on One Cooking Experiences

Motivational Speaking

Educational Lectures

Emcee and Hosting

Food Competition Judging

Brand Endorsement and Development

Social Media Marketing

Content Creation

Trade Show Hostess/Product Specialist

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Hosting The Cake and Sugarcraft Fair




This was indeed a powerful presentation!

Emily’s American Culinary Federation keynote clearly highlighted the power

of the culinary arts, emphasizing how the art of cooking can be therapeutic and stimulating;

signifying that there is something magical about this art form.

- Peter Edey, Barbados Today



We are thrilled to host Chef Emily at this year’s Conference.

Her story is one that all personal chefs can relate to and one that we

know will inspire our attendees to take their businesses to the next level.

- Larry Lynch, president of the United States Personal Chef Association



Emily Ellyn was a refreshing addition to Wine & Food Week!

She makes cooking fun again and we couldn't wait to

enjoy the food frenzy she brings to the table, so to speak.

-  Constance McDerby, Woodlands Wine and Food Week



If there's such a thing as a culinary crush,

mine would be on Emily.  She is not only talented,

smart, entertaining and crazy cool, but she makes

cooking more fun than anyone I know.

I can't wait to see her retro rad genius in

full display again on our Final Table!"

- Mike McCloud, CEO of World Food Championships.



Emily Ellyn was entertaining and delightful. Her tips and

suggestions for using what you already have, and cooking simply,

were refreshing!  The dishes she made seemed like they were so easy,

but the result was gorgeous, sumptuous food.  I loved how much fun

she was having cooking!  That was inspiring.

- Debora, Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium



To say Emily added some energy to the Expo is an understatement!

Her vivacious personality and Retro Rad persona had Expo attendees

smiling from ear to ear. Reactions to her appearance were priceless.

Emily has gained a cult following among Food Network viewers,

and attendees squealed with delight at the opportunity

to chat and take photos with her.


Emily’s Retro Rad look included her trademark cat-eye glasses,

colorful 50′s style clamdiggers and a kitschy rubber chicken purse.

Her female fans were in awe of her style while some of her male

followers were a bit google-eyed by her adorableness.


What makes a chef a television-worthy star? It’s not just their great

culinary skills and know-how in the kitchen. There is a inborn charisma

that takes these chefs to the next level as Emily demonstrated with her

natural ebullience and friendliness. She has the “It Factor”! 

- Heidi Alberti, Easy Ice



As high as my expectations were, they were topped when Ellyn

took the stage for a demonstration on how to make jam. She quickly

encountered audio issues, with a microphone that functioned only sporadically.

Even with the mic, it was difficult to hear her over the buzz of hundreds

of people enjoying their food and wine.


Undaunted, Ellyn tried to shout over the din of the room. When that

didn’t work, she came down off the stage and got as close as she could to the audience,

describing the steps to make a strawberry jam that started with a full bottle of red wine.


It was then that I really perked up and paid attention.


Afterward, she apologized for the audio issues and offered to do a personal

demo on stage for anyone who was interested. I know how to take

advantage of an opportunity. Moments later, my husband and I were on

stage with a few other daring souls watching as she boiled jelly jars,

coached us on the ins and outs of canning and thoughtfully answered our questions.

At the end, she gave my husband and me a big hug but stopped us before

we exited the stage. “Would you like to take this home?” she asked,

quickly sealing one of the jelly jars and handing it to my husband.

We ate it the next morning for Sunday brunch, enjoying every hospitable bite.

- Candace Beeke, Houston Business Journal





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