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Follow the culinary journey!

With her infectious personality and unique style, it’s no wonder Emily Ellyn captured the hearts of viewers on Food Network.  Today, she continues to use her platform as a way to share her love for taking traditional dishes and remixing them — Retro Rad Style!

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Chocolate Tea Cake Filled with Rosewater Frosting

Featured at 2014 Epcot Food and Wine and paired with Banfi Rosa Regale.   When greeted with the heavenly thought of creating a dish to pair with Banfi’s Rosa Regale,…

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Everything Pumpkin!

It’s the time of year that pumpkin flavored foods are more popular than ever.  Food vendors are jumping on the bandwagon with pumpkin-flavored coffee, beer and even beef jerkey!  Here…

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Mistique Cat-Eye Cocktail

Mystique Cat-Eyed Halloween Cocktail

Emily Ellyn mixes her Mystique Cat-Eyed Cocktail.  It’s an edgy herbaceous beverage perfect for Halloween!   Here’s a fun promo segment for the Orlando Home Show that features this mysterious…

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Coconut Mint Mojitos and Homemade Spa Treatments!

Treat yourself and your friends to a relaxing day of home spa treatments while sipping Emily’s delightful twist on a mojito.   Coconut Mint Mojitos: Yield: 1 cocktail; Collins glass…

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Edible Cleveland – Crafting Cocktails with Beer.

Move over martinis, hopstails have arrived! Cocktails crafted with beer are hot right now.  For more on this tasty trend as well as some recipes to get started, please visit…

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Banashing Lunch Box Boredom!

10 Not-so-Nutty Ideas to help Moms packing Back to School lunches.   #1 Cooky Carrot Salad Sandwich Every-bunny will love this unexpected sandwich filling and it’s great for incorporating leftovers….

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White Sangria Ginger Marmalade

Featured at the Orlando Home and Garden Show!   White Sangria Ginger Marmalade Yield 12; 8 ounce jars Ingredients: 6 cups LiDestri White Sangria ½ cup fresh ginger, minced 2…

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Emily at Food Fight Write Blog Fest in Las Vegas.

Emily is presenting, so you know this is not your typical ho-hum conference!   Join 300 food bloggers from around the country for learning, networking, and high-octane fun. All while…

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We Can Can – Complete Home Canning Instructions

Here are my helpful instructions and tips for anyone interested in canning.    Make an event out of it!  When you bring family and friends together you can make it…

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The Ultimate Food Fight? In Sin City?

That’s right!   Emily is back to judge the 2014 World Food Championships in Las Vegas.  Don’t miss the action at the Final Table, when Emily along with a cast…

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